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Business/ Gamer Deluxe         AMD xp2600, 256 MB Ram, 60 gig Hard drive

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It's A PC and 1-3 DVD R/ CDR DUPLICATOR Machine

8X DVD+R/ -R/ RW/ CDR/ Rw DUPLICATOR                                                 - Dual format dvd+/-R media

Be the first to own a simple, one click copy software,  DVDR/ CDR  Duplicator & Computer in one. There's nothing like it on the market. A Powerful and robust DvdR/ CDR duplicator and pc. Most Reliable burning dvdr/ cdr duplicator.



$ 999.00       

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                                        shipping $35 within usa


Running Windows Pro EDITION OS. Most reliable out there. WE beat the competitors with stand-alone cdr/ dvdr duplicators. Get more work from your CDR/ DVDR duplicator. You get a powerful Pentium 4 PROCESSOR to speed up your progress, whether copying backups, video imaging, music compilations, etc.

3 DVD-RW burns/ records any brands at 8X Speed.
PC features Pentium 4, 2.8 GHZ Processor, Windows Pro OS
512 MB DDR Ram, 128 MB Video Card, 120 gig hard drive
The best recording software included, for multiple burning solutions.

Why pay for only a dvdr/ cdr duplicator at the same cost?                Get a pc with it!

All CD/ DVDR Duplicators Have the Following PC modes
Watch movies from your optical drive, hard disc, external device, or digital card.
Watch TV On your PC, while burning/ writing disks.
Enjoy quick access to images stored on CD, media cards, and your hard disc.
Select your music source, track, and volume, then lie back and soak in the sound from your own speakers
  FM radio
Keep up with the latest music and news via FM internet radio.

Great for audio/ video/ files, guaranteed performance.  700 MB of storage or 80 min of pure digital video & sound!         50 Pk  for $12


 Ritek 700 Mb  CDR
 Arita/ Ritek DVD + R  
 3-1 DVD Duplicator
 3-1 CD Duplicator
 Ritek DVD + R

$ 999.00           place your order: 888.861.5061


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