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KNS Auto Muscle Car Reviews for Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Chrysler, the big 4 back in the hey day.

There were complaints, reviews, and even claim of fraud on these vehicles that shaped the American way of style, speed and Horsepower.

The best years were 1965-1973. Why you may ask?

First of all Mustang came out with the faster v8s with the 1964 1/2 Mustang Coupe and then the fastback in 1965.  This Iconic fastback relives in today's automobile industry. Ford came back in 2005, exactly 40 years when they launched the first fastback and came out before our economy started to sink in the USA. Smart, Innovative and great marketing team got the car out there to today's generation..

It outsold most sports cars, including Toyota, Nissan, Chrysler, Chevy and more..

So late 2006, Chevy and Dodge raced to get back to the "old drawing" board to bring back their "F-body" coupes todays era once again..  However due to delayed production, lazy and plain stupid marketers the Camaro and Challenger came out 5 years later and way over cost then anticipated by the dealers. 

hmmm.. and the US is wondering why Chevy and Dodge / Chrysler were the only ones that had bailouts for the auto industry and the rest of the others survived..

And til this day, Chevy Camaros and Dodge Challengers have not even been mentioned that much in the media outlet.. if they sold what these car really worth, about 10K less than than the $35K -$45K MSRP with sticker mark up from dealers and they still wonder why GM and Dodge are still messing up the economy..

What do you thinK??

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Press Release

Microsoft names as one of the first of 150 companies to embrace digital media features and deployment services for Windows XP.  >>  Read Microsoft's Full Coverage Story

Digital Media Alliance With MICROSOFT CORP. Becomes Windows Media Service Provider


Rogue Websites

What are roque sites?

Sites that are payed by "consumers, disgruntled employees, consumer fraud, ex-cons, website hackers, negative reviewers pay per clickers and the list goes on.

Basically its consumer fraud, and should be stopped, but so many networking sites pop up, its pretty impossible not to see negative reviews for any type of company, wheter they are false or not!

Most likely these "newer sites" thave have been created with the last 5 years or even recently have no merit on reviewing sites, because sites, such as our web site has been up since the fist day of the internet, 1997. yes, it was AOL dial up days, lol.

Click here for more info on ROGUE, Fraudulent, Consumer fraud web sites.





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