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WHy Do I Have Sign UP??

--- Every 2000th registrant gets a cd of their choice! 

--- The only way to listen to over 10,000 tracks. Commercial Free, anytime u want to. Free MP3 Downloads. Updated Weekly.

--- Due to legal issues, Registration is required.

--- Save & Choose from over 1000's of CDs from our huge online store! 

--- Make Instant Requests! ALL OF TODAYS  tracks online, free web based email, free music downloads, entered into our monthly contests for new cd release parties, movie passes, and a personal page at our site!              

Here you can search for friends, instant message friends and much more. 

Okay, sign me up now!













Artists can sign up for their chance to get exposed to over 1.8 million listeners worldwide. This means record producers, new talent agency's, scouts, venues, clubgoers and the list goes on, can listen to your new single and give you a record deal. This is of course if you want free exposure, all formats must be in mp3 file.                                        

You can upload your demo track in MP3 format so that our listeners can check you out! And maybe even land you or your band a record deal.                                                             

Get listed automatically on our Artist Search Engine. Recent study shows record producers, companies, scouts, talent agency's, managers are using the web to find the next " Christina Aguilera", "No Doubt", "Backstreet Boys".                                                                           

This can be a great Demo area for your next Gig, or future manager. Not only does this save them time but you as well. You don't have to mail in or drop off your demo track. 

You also get a free personal page at our site. As an artist, you can direct them to your contact page with all your phone numbers. They get to see your BIOS and listen to your most recent track.

Great for fanfare too! Send fans, and create a "buzz" around your new single at your own free music page.

Best of all, this service is free! 

YES, Sign me up.




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