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Business/ Gamer Deluxe        AMD xp2600, 256 MB Ram, 60 gig Hard drive

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 Prodisc 100 pack 48x Diamond White Inkjet CD-R

Prodisc 100 pack 48x Diamond                       White Inkjet CD-R

Product Code: CDM01X0029-100
Manufacturer: Prodisc

Excellent compatibility with all CD-R/CD-RW drives, Can be played back on 99% CD/DVD-ROM and Players, Low data error rate, Advanced Phthalocyanine dye guarantees high durability, and Complete product lines to satisfy all your recording needs

Sale price: $29.00
you save: 45%


Silver/ White Top, Diamond Bottom

*Excellent compatibility with 99% CD-R/CD-RW drives.

*Can be played back on most CD/DVD-ROM and Players.

*Low data error rate.

*Advanced Phthalocyanine dye guarantees high durability.

*Complete product lines to satisfy all your recording needs.

48X, 80min/700MB
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