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Superkeyword NEWS >>   January 2008 and its core services and programs provided has merged with LAPC & Web, based out of the heart of San Francisco, Ca. A leading provider in web marketing, web hosting, web design, pc consulting, pc consultants, software and hardware specialists.
Please refer any emails to LAPC & Web. provides ad space and local advertising for businesses and government agency's.

SuperKeyword NEWS - June 2007

Recently as you may know as any major companies such as, google, yahoo, msn and even us have fallen victim to Fraudulent Bloggers. With the growing number in social networking sites, rogue "review sites", its unstoppable unfortunately. But as a consumer, please look at the positive links and reviews, versus, negative ones per say.

As you may know any lies, stories, reviews are so blatant and sometimes even irrelevant to what the company's service offers is ridiculous.

NEgative links, bad postings, negative, derogatory and defamatory links are  a part of today's web unfortunately..

Search for " fraud, or staples fraud, or geeksquad bad service" on google and you will see 100s, if not 1000s of negative listings and reviews.

This is done so by "disgruntled consumers", "disgruntled employees", "competitors", "extortionists", the lists goes on.

We at would like to show you that we are and still have a good rating at Better Business Bureau, the one and only true "Business Review" website and company thats been around for over 50 years.

click here for our above average rating at Better Business Bureaus' official website.

OCT, 1998 becomes one of the first 150 companies around the globe to harvest multimedia technology. Windows media, a major part in streaming media for the internet, links us directly as one of their trusted partners in deploying, developing, corporate training and distributing multimedia and multimedia hosting

Sept. 1997
Superkeyword establishes the first internet keyword system. We let users register a personal keyword that allows them to send people, searchers to their website directly without irrelevant results. A more direct, innovative approach to the search engine industry.

Web Master >>>> June 2006
Press Release

Microsoft names as one of the first of 150 companies to embrace digital media features and deployment services for Windows XP.  >>  Read Microsoft's Full Coverage Story

Digital Media Alliance With MICROSOFT CORP. Becomes Windows Media Service Provider

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