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Sony 50 Pack 48X CD-R 80 min/700MB with Jewel Cases

50pcs Sony CD-R 80 minutes with Jewel Case
  • Package Detial: 50pcs cdr, 50 pcs cdr Ideal for storing large files. Each disk has a 80 minute/700MB maximum capacity. Special disk coating allows for printing with felt-tip pens. Ultra-stable organic pigment is ideal for long-term data storage. Over 10 years of archival life. Optimized for all of todays disk rotation speeds.

    sale price: $22.00
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  • 50 Pack CD-R 80 Sony Media Silver
  • Package Size 50 pcs cdr
  • 80 Min/700 MB
  • Recording Speed: 4-48X Certified Recordable
  • Recording Layer: Modified Cyanine Dye
  • Recording Area (user area): 50 ~ 116mm
  • Life: 300 years with proper care / read more than 1,000,000 times

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    48X, 80min/700MB
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