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Sony 4X DVD-R  With No Logo

Product photo is for reference only and may not exactly resemble the product or packaging.

  • Sony 4X Recordable DVD-R                               Silver Top - No Logo        25, 50, 100, and 500 packs

    Product Code: SONY-oem.BC
    Manufacturer: Sony

    Great for software companies or the general public use. Brand your own name/ programs/ software/ presentations.
    This media is an Sony & Opt Quantum (OEM) brand general purpose (ver. 2.2) Best Compatibility (BC) DVD-R. It is fully 4x certified by DVD Forum (the founder of DVD-R format) and also supports 1x and 2x as well. This disc features original SONY high quality organic recording dye and high end SONY quality control for the best compatibility and performance on both playback and recording environment. It has a whopping data recording capacity of 4.7GB for personal storage backups and it can also be recorded by personal DVD-R video recorder as well. Overall, it is a SONY recordable DVD-R media without the SONY label surface or logo. (SONY BULK OEM). NO case included.

    Place Your Order : 1-888-861-5061 / Order Online
    Sale Price

    25 Pk        $15.00

    Quantity Desired:              

    50 Pk        $26.50

    Quantity Desired:               

    100 pk      $52.00

    Quantity Desired:                    

    500 pk    $250.00

    Quantity Desired:                          
  • Specifications:
    Brand: Sony/ Optical Quantum Best Compatibility
    Storage Capacity: 4.7GB
    Recording Speed: 4x or up
    Version: 2.2
    Recording Layer Material: Organic Dye Laser Wavelength
    Quantity: Comes in 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 pks
    Compatible with: Apple Superdrive and Apple/Macintosh DVD-R/RW and DVD±R/RW writers
    Iomega DVDRW4216IND-A
    LG GSA-4040B
    Lite-on LDW-811S
    Mitsumi DW-7802TE
    NEC ND-1300A
    Optorite DD0203
    Pioneer DVR-A03/103**, DVR-A04/104**, DVR-A05/105, DVR-A06/106, DVR-A07/107
    Plextor PX-708A
    Sanyo CRD-Bpdv2
    Sony DRU-500A**, DRX-500UL**, DRU-500AX, DRX-500ULX, DRU-510A, DRX-510UL, DRU-530A, DRX-530UL
    TDK dvdrw404n
    TEAC DV-W50D, DV-W50E, DV-W58G
    Toshiba SD-R5002**, SD-R6012**
    Most of the major 4x/8x DVD-R/RW and DVD±R/RW writers
    Packaging: Cake Box with spindle, no wrap, no logo
    Grade: A grade

    Key factors to achieve 4x DVD-R burning speed:
    • DVD-R Media:
      Your DVD-R Media must be 4x Certified under the specification of DVD Forum, the founder of DVD-R format. Example: SONY 4x DVD-R media.

    • DVD-R/RW Drive:
      Your DVD-R/RW Drive must be capable of burning DVD-R at 4x speed and are updated to the latest firmware for wider media support range. Example: SONY DRU-500A, ver 1.0G

    • DVD Burning Software:
      Your DVD burning software must support the latest 4x burning technology. Normally this problem will be solved by apply the latest update to your software. Please contact your burning software support for more information. Example: Nero DVD Burning Rom, Ver.

    Burning Compatible DVD-R/RW DRIVES:

    ** Attention SONY DRU-500A/UL customers:
    We strongly suggest you to update your drive before using high-speed discs.
    Please go to:

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