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Server Certificates

Confidential information sent plain through the internet is a risk. Internet shoppers sending personal information, may be victims of fraud and tampering of information, by third parties.

Fortunately Netscape developed the Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

SSL enables browsers like Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer to establish secure, encrypted connections to web servers, which ensures authenticity and integrity of internet customers' personal data.

The encryption technology used is called Public Key Cryptography. It is based on a public key used for encryption and a secret private key used for decryption.

This still leaves the possibility, that a third party attempts to impersonate a web site.

For this reason a Trusted Authority like Thawte electronically signs the public keys of web sites, to ensure that a public key belongs exactly to this web site. A public key not signed by a Trusted Authority, will cause the web browser to show a warning.

We offer Server Certificates from Thawte, a VeriSign Company, trusted by all major browsers:

The SSL-Certificate allows encryption up to 128-bit, with recent US browsers, which is the safest encryption available today. Browsers used outside the United States, which are subject to export restrictions, will only be able to connect with 40- or 56-bit encryption.

SSL Certificate $199/year  

The 128-bit Super Cert allows all browsers to upgrade to 128-bit encryption, thus enabling all browsers to use the highest available encryption.

128-bit Super Cert $449/year  

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