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- are extremely conscientious about their work. They are very diligent in the pursuit of solving problems and remains focused until the job is done. I highly recommend their services to anyone.
- provided an excellent service, very speedy replies to e-mail's, exceptionally patient on what was a small yet long and drawn out project. They were always easy to get hold of and proved to be a wealth of knowledge in the area of our project. If they place a bid on one of your projects, I would highly recommend you contact them. Thanks for a great job.

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Our experienced and well trained programmers will provide you with cutting edge, high quality solutions in all common technologies used in web applications, database driven dynamic web sites, custom shopping carts or shopping cart setups, integration of credit card processing, user tracking, site statistics and more. Also available are experts in system security, site maintenance, server management, system analysis and consulting.

Our skills include programming, mostly with Perl, PHP and Java especially with integration of relational databases like MySql. Our experienced system administrators will support you with setup, maintenance and consulting for web server software, mail services, as well as DNS setups, installation of scripts and more.

In Java we provide custom programming services with support for Java Servlets and JSP, relational database applications using ODBC and JDBC, networking and Java Applets as well as support for the Jakarta-Tomcat environment.

Additionally we are experienced in a large number of other IT related matters not mentioned above. Most likely we will be able to take care of your project needs.

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