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Karen W. - New York, 03/2004
My daughter just adores her 72 Mach 1 Mustang, customized the way she wanted and it was "Very "cool to go back in time again....Pak Wong and Jim Woods were very helpful!

James G. - Philadelphia, 07/2004
How the heck did you guys manage to sell me my dream car for half of what other collectors are doing?? I'm so

Mary A. - Wisconsin, 09/2004
The 68 Camaro you sold my family is to die for!!!!!!! No Scratches or Dings on transporter and you guys got here within 3 weeks as promised, this makes our Christmas season so good!

Jasper K. - Flagstaff, AZ, 02/2005
I heard you guys were selling the last 60s muscle car off your personal lot, so I'm very glad i got a hold of your 69 Firebird.

Kim S. - St Louis, 05/2005
I can't believe no one bought this 67 Camaro from your LA lot?? LOL, I was talking to Jasper and he said he swore the was the last 6os vehicle but you somehow managed to reserve this for me. I am in your debt forever! ( Pak Wong ) <<< LOL <<<<

Garry M. - Oklahoma, 06/2006

Thanks for the firebird! it rocks, my kid loves the 73 firebird i bought from KNS Autos.

Pak Wong was helpful in transaction and sales!

Jim B. - Washington, DC, 09/2006
Love the blue 73 mustang you guys shipped, just as described and delivered on time as described.

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