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How does a free internet keyword at work for me as a web surfer?      Our Internet Keywords (Superkeywords) go directly to your favorite sites registered by you,  web surfer or website owner. While any other search keywords let you search all the popular search engines (Yahoo!, MSN, Google) at one time.

Whats the big deal about a free internet keyword at your search engine? Its less time consuming for those that want to get to a web site or favorite bookmarked page right away, not hundreds of irrelevant choices.

Show me how it works!

 Got movie showtimes? Enter " kns movie showtimes " below to get listings.

Want sports updates by the hour?

Enter " kns sports " in the search box below to get Nba scores and game highlights.

Want to listen to streaming radio?

Enter " kns radio " in the search box below.
enter a keyword to search our engine, or any superkeywords


Can I register a free Internet Keyword? Of course!                  Some sample type of words you can choose are: a phone number, barcode, tv episode name, a movie title, bookmarked page abbreviations, It can also be your online photo gallery name.

Remember your free internet keyword at equals unlimited possibilities.

Got a Website or Home page or sharing Online Photos with a long web address?

An internet keyword is the perfect solution if you own a website for your online family photos, blogs, its probably a long web address with alot of slashes and sub named files.

Tell your family friends to enter " user12345 " at  You decide which is faster and more easier to remember?. Click here to get a free internet keyword for your website's homepage.  Register one now for free < click here >

Got a favorite site bookmarked? 

You can tell your friends, family about it, tell them to enter " my favorite page " at It sends them directly to that bookmark of yours non stop. No need to cut and paste the URL to them or repeat it on the phone.                                         Register one now for free < click here >

Bookmark Got deleted?

If you update your Internet Explorer browser or Netscape browser you already know what we are talking about. Don't worry it happens to a lot of people. We can help. Register a free internet keyword, and this will resolve that problem. Enter " your favorites page name" at This will take you directly to it. No need to search the main site. Register one now for free < click here >

Wish more sites had SuperKeywords?                                   Please e-mail the webmasters at those sites and ask them to get a SuperKeyword at They're free for sites and users.

Ready to register a free internet keyword for your website or book marked page?          Click here to get one for free!

Where do I find SuperKeywords?
Sites with SuperKeywords provide you with SuperKeywords as an easier to remember alternative. You may see SuperKeywords in ads, brochures, on the radio and television or hear of them from a friend, associate, or vendor . You can still use the URL, and/or bookmark the page. But even when you want to tell someone else  about a page and how to get to it, it might be simpler to say "enter<the superkeyword> at".

If you wish a site had a SuperKeyword, please e-mail the webmaster with a simple note that says: "Please get SuperKeywords at".

No waiting period for URL/ Site Submissions     Well, a registered SuperKeyword works instantly after you sign up. So that you may start promoting your site with your personalized SuperKeyword right away.      





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