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SuperKeyword.Net becomes windows media service provider

Microsoft proves's ability to provide streaming solutions

SuperKeyword.Net Passes Microsoft's Extreme Testing For Windows Media Services


Let us be your stream team for live free or live pay-per-view events. If you have a hot event get in touch with us. We are happy to be guns for hire or perhaps you would prefer to have us as partners on your project. You would then be in a position to take advantage of our huge network and existing traffic. We can bring your event(s) to life with the fastest video and clearest
audio on the net.

There are zillion reasons why your station should be web-casted on the internet and we give you one simple solution to get there. We call this solution "The eight pack" For one low monthly fee we offer:

1.To stream your channel 24/7 in your own branded player with unlimited
bandwidth in the best sounding most popular protocol "windows media

2.Your own branded chat room or chat rooms for your DJ's, "which is a great
way to interact with your audience getting feedback and making your
audience feel they have input". 

3.What the heck did I miss page: Web pages that list the times and dates
your advertisers announcement aired. Just think , a listener needs to
retrieve some details of a great offer on your station. They can simply go
to this "What the heck did I miss" page, then go to the day and time
they heard the advert/announcement and wham, there all the details are.
Perhaps advertisers would pay a you
premium to be highlighted on those

4.Your own branded e-zine with content specific to your stations. You can
even elect to contribute editorial and photos. The way that works is, we will
collect e-mail addresses of people visiting your sites or chat rooms, we
will send them an opt out entertaining color e-zine via their e-mail. Someone
from your team would go to a password protected page and supply
us with some text of your shows schedules, special up coming features
or special announcements. You could add photos by simply clicking on a
button. Very very easy and it keeps you on the minds of your audience. 

5.Celebrity content; we are developing and we make available from your
web-site a celebrity gallery of photos,interviews, features that covers your
special interests. 

6.Studio web cams; this creates excitement and life on your pages when your listener can go online and actually watch their favorite personality live. 

7.Permanent message boards; you can set up topics and your audience can
leave messages that can be archived and viewed any time. We will help you
make money on the web. 

8.We will offer you high paying proven affiliate programs. You can direct
listeners to your site to get a psychic readings, or purchase music CD's,
videos, and games and we will pay you generous commissions. We will
pass on to you offers from advertisers to sponsor your pages. We can even
offer you syndicated content in many genres. 


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