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SuperKeyword.Net becomes windows media service provider

Microsoft proves's ability to provide streaming solutions

SuperKeyword.Net Passes Microsoft's Extreme Testing For Windows Media Services 


Broadcast your media around the world, efficiently and reliably, by signing up for one of the Plans below. If you have any questions, email one of our knowledgeable Multimedia Account Executive

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Each account is established for multiple bit rate streaming, 28k,  56k, dsl, cable or broadband.

  Monthly Transfer 10 GB 30 GB 60 GB 500 GB
  Disk Space 5 GIG 10 GIG 30 GIG 100 GIG
  Operating System Windows
or Unix
or Unix
or Unix
or Unix
  Windows Media Streams Yes Yes Yes Yes
  QuickTime Streams Yes Yes Yes Yes
  Real One/ Media Streams Available Available Available Available

High-Volume Streaming Services Available also offers high-volume streaming services to large businesses that need a fast and reliable Content Delivery Network to stream their media.
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