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SuperKeyword.Net becomes windows media service provider

Microsoft proves's ability to provide streaming solutions

SuperKeyword.Net Passes Microsoft's Extreme Testing For Windows Media Services  



Dedicated Server Rate $295.00/ Month

No Set Up Fees
No Monthly Contracts

Pay As You Go


all credit card sales are handled through our partner


We will setup and manage your streaming media server. Technical support is included. Built on a MS Windows 2003, Intel Pentium 4-based platform, these servers can handle multiple live feeds and enables streaming of Windows Media, Real, QuickTime, MP3, MPEG, AVI and any other format required.. Purchase of Real License may be required.

  • Full Management Included
  • Technical Support
  • Stream All Formats
  • Live or On-Demand
  • 70GB Storage
  • 100GB Transfer per month
  • No Set Fee
  • Bi-weekly backups available - $89.00
  • P4 2.8MHz
    2GB RAM


Bandwidth Rates / per GB per month after 100GB
50GB - 100GB of Transfer $2.56 per GB
100GB - 200GB of Transfer $1.74 per GB
200GB - 500GB of Transfer $1.43 per GB
500GB - + of Transfer $1.22 per GB
Server Space Rates / per GB per month after 70GB
70GB - 100GB of server space $7.17 per GB
100GB - + of server space $5.12 per GB


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