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Press Releases

SuperKeyword.Net becomes windows media service provider

Microsoft proves's ability to provide streaming solutions

SuperKeyword.Net Passes Microsoft's Extreme Testing For Windows Media Services 



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When delivering Microsoft Windows Media™ Audio and Video to the net, it requires skill and experience. Microsoft has aligned with We are also committed to offer the best digital media solutions, including encoding, hosting, secure e-commerce transactions, digitally encrypted downloads, web casts, edge deliver, content management and distribution. Many Churches, radio stations and television studios broadcast live through our multimedia server.

When you choose SuperKeyword as your service provider and order any Stream account, you get our powerful web-based tool to control all aspects of your streaming media and hosting accounts. SKN webcast tools manage, distribute and sell your media over the Internet. serves the needs of many industries, and its services may be used in almost any organization to lower costs, increase revenues, and increase efficiency.

Financial Services Solutions
The leading Investment Banks, Commerical Banks, Insurance Companies, and Investment Funds use webpoint services for:

• Virtual Roadshows

• Investor Conferences

• Research Distribution
• Broker Training • Sales Training • Analyst Commentary
• Product Announcements • Staff Meetings • Lead-Generation Activities
• Corporate Communications • Fund Manager Updates

Pharmaceutical Solutions
webpoint services are used by Drug, Biotechnology, CRO/CSO, Medical Education and Health Care companies for:

• Investigator Meetings

• Study Updates

• Monitor Training
• Market Research • Conference Symposia • Product Launches
• Marketing Announcements • New Hire Training • Lead-Generation Activities
• Interactive Grand Rounds • Online CME • Clinical Advisory Councils
• Product Compliance Information • Corporate Communications • Patient & Physician Testimonials

Media/Publishing Solutions
Many leading publications are enhancing their business by using webpoint services for:

• Sales Training

• Virtual Conferences

• Sponsored Web Seminars
• Content Extension • Staff Meetings • Product Announcements
• Editorial/Analyst Commentary • Interactive Internet Programming • Marketing Communications

High-Tech & Consulting Solutions
The leading high-tech hardware/software/services companies, industry analysts, and consulting companies use webpoint services for:

• Technical Training

• Virtual User Conferences

• Research Distribution
• Sales Training • Technology Promotion • Analyst Commentary
• Product Announcements • Staff Meetings • Customer Service
• Editorial/Analyst Commentary • Lead-Generation Activities (Web Seminars) • Corporate Communications

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