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Press Releases

SuperKeyword.Net becomes windows media service provider

Microsoft proves  Superkeyword.net's ability to provide streaming solutions

SuperKeyword.Net Passes Microsoft's Extreme Testing For Windows Media Services 



DVD-quality video over the Internet has always been a promise for the future. But KNS Solutions delivers it today! Using our exclusive Lightening Strike CODEC, we provide video-quality unsurpassed by any other compression technology available. And because of the efficiency of our CODEC, we compress files more quickly, to smaller sizes, reshaping the bandwidth equation. We've developed a suite of consumer-friendly applications to harness the power of our revolutionary video compression technology all designed to be easy to use, efficient and effective.


Superkeyword.net has a unique process which enables us to encode & optimize high volumes of media. It is the result of an advanced collection of digital media processing tools that we have developed over the past years. We have fine-tuned this process based on experience we have garnered from relationships with major Hollywood movie & television studios & their media assets.





Our proprietary process allows us to deliver encoded content that is optimized for the most popular formats and bit rates, including broadband delivery. We optimize the encoding process based on customer content, ensuring that the final video output has cleaner images, smoother motion and less compression artifacts than video encoded with traditional encoding systems.
Encoding Formats
Send us any of these Formats:
VHS, VHS C, S-VHS, S-VHS C, Hi8, DVD Mini DV, CD, ZIP, Cassette, Betacam, Betacam SP
Encoding Rates
1 Minute
$ 6.95
2-4 Minutes
$ 5.95 Per Minute
5-9 Minutes
$ 4.95 Per Minute
10-24 Minutes
$ 3.95 Per Minute
25+ Minutes
$ 1.95 Per Minute
Per Clip Setup Charge
No Set Up Charge
Edits and fades must be complete
  • We can transfer your projects to Streaming media.        Which includes Microsoft Powerpoint presentations, slideshows, bmps, jpegs, gifs and narration files.

  • Show the best streaming quality video.                                 Whatever format you choose. Whether its Windows Media, Real Player, or Quicktime, we retains its resolution and sound when played on the internet.

  • Give the best audio experience for your viewers!
    Stream FM-stereo sound over a modem and near CD-quality songs at half the size of an MP3.

  • We encode even the most popular multimedia formats!    Audio and video formats, including Windows Media (WMA), MP3, WAV, AVI, MPEG, and more. 

  • Give the ultimate video and sound experience!
    Our advanced filtering technology makes video look good, even if you resize your window or stream over a slow connection.         

  • Displayable and resizable window.
    Visitors can resize the video output window, even up to full screen, for optimal placement and enjoyment.

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